Policies & Procedures

  1. There will be no acts of aggression, threats of violence or physical horseplay toward any other resident, visitor, or the owner/manager on the property at any time.
  2. No weapons of any kind will be allowed on the property under any circumstance. This applies to all residents and visitors on the property.
  3. Residents will show respect and positive regard for others by avoiding all “annoyance activities” on the property, which might adversely impact other residents. (Ex: loud music, television or conversations late at night disturbing others). No cursing or foul language or name calling, NO BULLYING.
  4. All residents are responsible to pick up after themselves and keep all common areas clean. In addition, each resident will have assigned specific housekeeping, sanitation and /or maintenance responsibilities for common areas and grounds to be done daily. House responsibility accountability sheet must be signed after you have completed your responsibility.
  5. Each resident is to make their bed daily and keep their room in a clean, neat and orderly fashion.
  6. Residents will be expected to participate in monthly maintenance or residence. (2-4 hrs. minimum).
  7. No pornographic materials are allowed. Drug or Alcohol related shirts are not allowed as well as display of gang related colors or signs. Pants are to be worn at the waist line.
  8. All residents must become active members of AA or NA and have a sponsor within 30 days. If you do not have a sponsor in 30 days you must continue daily meetings and get a potential sponsor’s name and phone number at all outside meetings. All residents are required to attend 30 meetings in 30 days for the first month. A minimum of 6 meetings per week is required for the following 2 months. After both of these requirements are met, the resident must attend a minimum of 5 meetings per week for the rest of their residency at First Things First. Meeting verification sheets must be signed for entire residency.
  9. All residents are expected to complete at least one step per month with their sponsor and are required to call their sponsor EVERY DAY for the first year of their sponsor/sponcee relationship.
  10. Residents will be required to spend at least 4 hours a week on step work, recovery material, reading and writing. If a resident isn’t working (unemployed, day off, etc…) at least 1 hour daily will be expected.
  11. No pets are allowed to stay on the property for any reason.
  12. After a resident’s first 28 days, 1 weekend pass a month may be granted. All passes must be approved by house management 3 days in advance.
  13. All residents must attend scheduled house meetings unless they have proof that their employment schedule would prevent attendance and notify the meeting manager at least 3 days in advance.
  14. Residents or visitors will always have appropriate clothes on while in common areas. Residents and visitors will not be permitted to wear any clothing displaying sexually provocative or offensive slogans/graphics. Shirts to be worn in the house at all times, pants must be worn at waist level (NO SAGGING).
  15. No sleeping will be allowed in common areas.
  16. Each resident and/or visitor will be solely responsible for any personal property items brought into the house or on the grounds.
  17. Any theft of house or other property will result in immediate expulsion with no refund of any deposits, etc… such act will be reported to the proper authorities.
  18. No eating will be permitted in any sleeping area. No smoking is allowed inside the house. No candles or open flames are allowed indoors at any time.
  19. No video games will be played on living room TV’s at any time.
  20. Residents must not spend more than 15 minutes on the house phone at a time. Also residents must take written phone messages when someone calls and answer all call waiting beeps.
  21. After 10 pm is quiet time. Volume of TV, music, or talking will be kept to a minimum while others are sleeping.
  22. House issues are not to be discussed outside of house except with Sponsor or House Management.
  23. No resident will stay overnight at another location unless the Owner/Director of Operations manager know the location and have a contact name & phone number. Contact information must also be posted on the bulletin board in case of emergency. After one month residents can request an overnight pass. Request must be approved 3 days in advance. This is void of you are on any FTF probation.
  24. Each resident will be allowed only one motor vehicle on the property. Motor vehicles must have proof of license, insurance and registration on file with First Things First office management.
  25. Each resident is responsible for the health and well-being of both himself and his visitors.
  26. A resident planning to vacate the premises must give a two week notice. If you should not come home or vacate residency without notice you have one day (24 hrs.) to remove your property or it will be donated.
  27. Each resident will be in their respective house prior to 10pm through 6am on weeknights and Sunday, midnight through 6am on Friday and Saturday after 3 months. Exceptions are also made for the resident’s participation in AA/NA group activities. Curfew for residents in their first 90 days is 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. 7 days a week. Residents are not allowed to work night shift jobs for the first 30 days.
  28. Possession or use of any alcohol or mood altering drugs will not be permitted on the property and will result in suspension or termination of residency. All personal items will be removed from the property within one day (24 hrs.) of such event (exception is made for prescribed medications listed on the resident’s application and have the approval of Director).
  29. A relapse (use of alcohol or drugs) or violation of house rules, can result in suspension or termination of residency.
  30. Each resident is responsible to report any use of alcohol or drugs to FTF management, as well as any illegal activity.
  31. If at any time a resident falls two or more weeks behind in rent they will be on financial probation. The resident will not be allowed a personal cellphone until caught up.


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