When residents first move into one of our recovery homes, they will be directed to agencies that can supply food, work, and health services. Also new members are encouraged to apply for food stamps, until they can gain employment.

We will have Christmas dinners with all house members, alumni, and house member’s sponsors. We also plan other periodic group activities like bowling, etc.

Many of our residents attend IOP or aftercare provided by area treatment centers. FTF is within minutes of the Alvin C. York V.A. Hospital, Buffalo Valley at Castalian Springs, and Cumberland Heights IOP.

We will provide and arrange rides to local AA and NA meetings. There are presently over fifty AA meetings per week and NA meetings seven days a week in Murfreesboro. An individual could easily attend three meetings a day if desired or required. We also arrange, provide or facilitate rides for members that are required to attend probation. We strongly encourage new members to build a support network in AA and/or NA. House members are expected to work diligently on their recovery program while also learning to live life on life’s terms clean and sober. We have in-house meetings twice a week. First Things First is a spiritual program that supports members going to church services but it is not required.

First Things First does not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, creed, national origin, political affiliation or beliefs. However we do retain the right to restrict membership to persons that do not have a violent criminal history (use of guns or weapons in a crime), aggravated assault convictions, or that have been convicted of crimes of a sexual nature. We do not accept individuals for residency who have any gang affiliations.


Rent is paid each Friday for the upcoming week, Saturday to Friday. The first full weeks rent is $150 and any partial week is prorated at $17 per day. The first full and partial week is due at move in day unless pre-approved by house management. Rent is $120 per week for any and all following weeks.

Once and if a resident qualifies and becomes a senior house member their rent will be reduced to $100. With each month as senior house member, the rent will be reduced $5 per month until rent reaches $50 per week.

Rent can be paid 4 weeks in advance with a $40 discount.

If a individual becomes three weeks late, they will be placed on house probation. They will be required to show house management their pay stubs and have a plan to become up to date. If a person becomes four weeks late they will be required to go before the First Things First management. If a person becomes $500 behind on rent and fees they will be suspended from First Things First.

Court ordered Residents

Some of the residents at First Things First are placed with us through the court system. These residents will be closely monitored. To live at FTF they will be required to abide by the following conditions:

  1. All residents must sign out when they leave the house including date and time of day. Upon return they must sign back in. This policy applies to any resident on probation for their entire stay.
  2. They will be required to attend 12-step meetings daily and have meeting sheets signed and dated by the chairperson or secretary. Because of our involvement in area recovery groups, attendance of meeting can easily be verified.
  3. At the courts request, we will administer random drug tests to restricted residents at no cost. We randomly drug screen all residents.
  4. All restricted residents must complete an employment verification form until they have found a job. This will include place of employment, phone number, supervisors name and extension number and working hours. This information will help maintain tracking of residents daily activities and a contact sheet in case of an emergency.

There is a house manager and also senior house members at each of the houses, that work with the residents to ensure rules are being followed and required documentation is being completed.

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