Jerry G.

To anyone interested in growth and recovery:

I moved into First Things First sober living homes through an unexpected chain of events. After a year of sobriety I was hit by a car; lost my job and apartment, ending up in a shelter looking for a job. Too disabled to collect unemployment benefits, but not disabled enough to qualify for short-term S.S.I. disability. I had lost everything but my life and my sobriety.

I was able to move into First Things First with a new job and a new beginning in a sober spiritual setting. What I thought to be only a place for me to start over turned out to be a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth within a structured sober environment.

The basics of food, shelter, fellowship, and socialization are truly enhanced with the fundamental core beliefs of a 12-step spiritual program. John, the owner of the houses, takes an active interested role in everyone’s recovery and progression back into living life on life’s terms. The transition into service work in the houses and meetings becomes a natural progression because of the living examples of John and Senior house members.

The concept of balance in my life became something I could finally comprehend and begin to implement into my life. I heard a phrase recently that describes my experience from living in a First Things First house “I can truly begin to live in the moment with a 360 degree life”.

I continue to attend F.T.F. house meetings and maintain contact with the men who lived and live in the houses.

Jerry G.

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