Joe A.

I’m Joe alcoholic an addict without a doubt. I’m going to tell you a little bit about how I got to First Things First. Well this last go around I was out and about doing what I knew best drinking, thinking and smoking crack. So I thought!

It was Saturday, October 23, 2005 and it was going to be my last time using. That following Tuesday I was supposed to go to treatment but it didn’t happen that way. That Saturday evening I got lost. Then I got into a high speed chase. I was not going to stop for nothing. In fact I was smoking crack while they were chasing me. They finally trapped me and I had no choice but to give up.I was locked up in Coffee County for about ten months. I couldn’t afford a lawyer so they appointed a public defender. I realized I needed some help so I pleaded to the judge to send me to treatment, my request was answered. I was on state probation for two years and two months also, which I completed on November 11, 2008.

My case worker asked me what I wanted to do when released. I asked her to look for a sober living or recovery home. That’s when John C. came down to Pathfinders personally to talk to me. He must have had a lot of faith to take me in. It was a answer to my prayers, I believe. When I arrived at First Things First I really didn’t know what to expect. There were five other guys staying at the house at the time.

There were house responsibilities to fulfill and other requirements in order to stay they include; getting a job, going to meetings getting a sponsor and working the steps. It may seem like a lot but I realized it wasn’t that much when the pain outweighed the pleasure. I also completed I.O.P. and aftercare with pathfinders.

I was becoming adjusted with my “new way of living”. I learned to be more responsible and to accept the things I could not change. While living at First Things First I saw people come and grow spiritually. The great fact is that it taught me so much! I also became a senior house member which was a great feeling. As I stay in the process it gave others hope another thing I realized is that the longer that I gave the program and First Things First a chance the more it brought structure into my life.

So if you are like me an addict and alcoholic, be honest, open minded, willing and experience the sunlight of the spirit. May god bless you and keep you till then. Your experience, strength, and hope lies ahead.

Your Friend,
Joe A.

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