Trey L.

Hi, my name is Trey,

I am an alcoholic and drug addict. I had my first drink and got drunk as a small child at a wedding with a champagne fountain. It was funny to all of the party goers to see little Trey drunk.

I had my first experience with marijuana at 8 years of age with an older cousin who told me that it would make me fly.

After graduating high school two years early I became a full blown alcoholic and it wasn’t long before I was injecting cocaine and methamphetamines.

Well, after a short stint in the army, 6 months in combat, 2 marriages three daughters and 22 years my addiction was at its worst point.

I drank vodka and beer most every day as well as smoked crack anytime I had money left after buying my booze which was about every other day and lots on payday.

I had been homeless on and off for about 9 years and my health was getting worse.

It was time for a change! I drove my van to Nashville, TN. to check myself into the psychiatric ward. I was promptly transported to the Alvin C. York V.A. Center in Murfreesboro. After 4 days of detox I was to be discharged. Not wanting to return to the streets I opted to try a recovery home.

Having a list of 40 different homes, my mind kept drawing me to one specific program “First Things First” looking back I think it was divine guidance.

After being accepted into “FTF” I was introduced to AA and NA I decided to follow the AA path. The first 3 months of recovery were difficult but I didn’t drink. My body had to learn how to function all over again, after 22 years of abuse.

I got a sponsor in the first month of my sobriety and started working the Twelve Steps and attend AA meetings regularly (5-7 weekly). I started to realize that I could and would be truly happy sober. I also had to deal with the people who I lied to, stole from and cheated. That was a long list.

After 8 months of sobriety and still living at “First Things First” I am ready to sponsor a new man in the program.

Seeking treatment was the smartest thing I ever did; I wish I had done it many years ago. If you are interested in treatment and have a drug or alcohol problem i would highly recommend contacting John C. at “First Things First” for some guidance and to answer any questions you may have about recovery. If you do not contact “FTF” PLEASE Contact someone!

Admitting you have a problem is the first Step to recovery.

Trey L.

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