Senior House Member Status

If desired, individuals can become senior house members while at First Things First. Additional perks as well as responsibilities will apply. To be eligible the person must have been a resident at least 120 days and  have completed step three in the NA step guide and or step five in with their AA sponsor.

To be considered for senior house member status you must meet the following requirements.

1. Be a resident for a minimum of 120 days.

2. Complete step 5 in AA or step 3 in the NA step guide with an approved sponsor.

3. Set an example in sanitary standards by keeping their room and house
responsibilities in above average condition.

4. Have a home group and be active in service work; chair or secretary meetings, giving rides to meetings if possible etc.

5. Be a house leader and maintain a positive attitude.

6. Not be on probation for violation of house rules and be current or ahead in financial responsibilities.

7. Continue working the 12-steps completing an average of at least one step a month with their sponsor.

8. Be willing to meet with other senior house members regarding junior house member status.

9. Report violations of house rules to house management.

Once an individual becomes and maintains senior house member status in good standing there will be a rent reduction of $5 a week. Other benefits will apply and a further rent reduction is possible at a future time.

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