Mike H.

What First things First Has Meant to Me

(So far… more will be revealed)

Now having several months sober, I don’t truly know where to begin. At first it was somewhere to help me get still and start to let some fears subside. Having done so, it works to an extent. FTF has allowed me to feel as if I am still a real person, not under forced rule which in turn allowed just enough comfort to form a bond with people in the house and with John also.

My stress levels have dropped dramatically. John has been willing to work with me financially and as a person. Having some self confidence returning, it has been a place of sanctuary. A place to let myself start to find the path of man in God’s will, yes just leaving but was without before I drove here I don’t know where I would be without First Things First. I’m glad I don’t have to find out thanks to John Colvert, and the men of first Things First.

Mike H.

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