Wendell J.

To Whom It May Concern:

On September 8th 2008 I was incarcerated in the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center for 11 months and 2 days. At the time I was buying a house in Nashville, TN. I was clean not sober and suicide was a constant companion. I thought of it often. The particulars of my arrest are not important, reasons why, but the results are. I am an alcoholic I believe I was born one. I know I was raised one. I drank for 48 years. I did illegal drugs for 36 years.

I was released on parole August 10, 2009. The terms of my release were that I find a drug free environment for at least 90 days, to reside and stay alcohol free for 15 months the end of my parole. I had not intended to do so. I had no one to help me in this and I didn’t see much chance of gaining any freedom for the next 15 months. My parole officer knew this and contacted John Colvert owner of three alcohol and drug free living facilities.

There is a God and he knows John Colvert of First Things First. John agreed to pick me up at the detention center and try to help me out. One hour after John picked me up I was sitting in a chair at a Serenity AA meeting. This was the defining moment of my life.

Because of First Things First I was able to learn first about myself, every tool available on how to live life alcohol and drug free was made known to me and full counseling on how to use them. I learned how to interact with others successfully and to deal with the problems of daily life.  I was never taught these things not even in the military. I found love that I never knew existed, humanity and hope for the future that I didn’t have. I probably owe my life to First Things First; certainly I do serenity and how to be content.

I left the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center with nothing but the clothes on my back, no hope or chance at a better life, I was wrong. I am happy today. I have a family of friends that I never thought possible and a life of serenity and love, thanks to John Colvert and First Things First. I am coming up on a year of sobriety, who would have ever thought it.

Wendell J.

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